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Green Energy + CftxP Network = Awesome!

Social and ecological justice are two of the most important issues facing our society and so the CftxP Network is taking its stand by announcing its intent to go green! With a recent purchase of 5 megawatts of wind-powered energy as well as a recurring donation that will total 1200 trees every year to Trees of the Future by your's truly through on behalf of the CF Business Group, the entire CftxP Network is now over 300% carbon-offset/wind-powered in addition to the fact that some of our websites are already hosted on eco-friendly website hosts such as GreenGeeks, which is 300% carbon-neutral, and FatCow, which is 200% carbon-neutral.  5 megawatts of wind-powered energy makes a HUGE difference for the planet as well as this network.

I pledge to buy 5 megawatts of wind-powered energy every year and donate an average of 100 trees every month to offset the needs of this network, my own carbon footprint, and to aid in the fight against global warming and climate change in order to save the planet from further deprivation!  After offsetting my own carbon footprint (16 mT of CO2) the CftxP Network 5 megawatt-hours of wind-powered renewable energy (keeping 5,650 lbs or 2.5628 mT of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere) will be produced and 2,645.54 lbs or 1.2 mT of carbon dioxide emissions.  Plus, my carbon-negative web hosting puts in a total of 1,330 kWh (1.33 mWh) back into the grid as 100% renewable wind-powered energy and prevents 2,893 lbs (1.31 mT) of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.  In total, this neutralizes and keeps away 5.07 metric tons or 11,188.54 lbs of CO2 from our planet's atmosphere every year which is actually more than enough to offset the energy used by my Fatcow web server(1,360 lbs of CO2) and GreenGeeks hosting account (which are both already respectively 200% and 300% carbon-neutral), hosting account, two Namecheap hosting accounts, Zoho,, Adobe Portfolio, and DeviantArt website accounts, domain name service accounts, social media accounts, and other web-based business-related services and applications.  By doing so, I am able to ensure that my web-based business and personal operations are completely carbon-neutral!  I encourage anyone who is able to do so to do the same in their lives, not to impress anyone but because it is truly for the greater good!  Thank you for reading this and good luck with your endeavors.

With my best regards,

Chris Fornesa